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Welcome to The Butterfly Effect, a blog for those inspired to live wholesome lives beyond their struggles with autoimmune disease. Everything that has happened in your life has led you to this moment.


February 14, 2020

I thought I ate pretty healthy, I was mostly gluten-free, I didn’t drink a whole lot, and I ate my fruits and veggies every day. I loved my coffee, but wasn’t one to add sugar to it. I never felt I had a problem with dairy and so that was a fairly big part of my everyd...

January 19, 2020

On November 21st I discovered that I had put my Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease into remission. In an overwhelming wave of support, many people dealing with the sufferable condition had asked me how I did it. I wish it was possible to fit it all into one page, but in order...

November 4, 2019

Winter is so bittersweet. I love extra hot lattes, cozy lounge-wear (the excuse to dress comfortably anywhere you go) and snowy weather with christmas lights glaring through frosty windows. I like winter but my thyroid does not and my thyroid makes all the decisions in...

August 23, 2019

My Hashimoto’s diagnosis was kind of like a big, fat, not so funny joke. I mean really, "Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis?" A funny and rather forgettable name, for a not so funny and forgettable illness. My doctor didn’t seem worried so I took her laissez-faire attitude and we...

July 25, 2019

What do you know about the Adrenal glands?

Did you know that they are almond-sized glands that sit atop the kidneys? Or that they are part of the endocrine system and regulate much of the same cellular functions that our thyroids are responsible for? Or that there is a...

May 26, 2019

Quite a while ago, I was sitting in my therapist’s office as she suggested to me that I write a letter to someone that had caused me pain. Whether I gave this letter to the person or just kept it to myself was ultimately up to me.

I remember feeling a sense of freedom a...

May 14, 2019

As I stand at the counter at my naturopathic clinic ready to tap my credit card (or my parents credit card, god bless them), I get a major pit in the centre of my gut. “Is this really worth it?” is a question I had once asked myself. As a student, I don’t exactly have...

March 10, 2019

As I am sure you already know, it was International women's day on Friday. A day to celebrate the historic women who fought for our rights to vote, receive an education, have successful careers, own property, earn money and be recognized as valuable members of society....

February 26, 2019

Dear Reader, 

I have written this letter for you. 

For the girl that wakes up each and every morning with the bravest of souls as you embark on a day that makes no promises to be easy on you. I’ve written this letter for the girl who lives silently in pain, smiling while...

January 13, 2019

January is International Thyroid Awareness month, an important time for me and the rest of the world to brush up on our knowledge and understanding of our little butterfly-shaped gland that has the power to completely destroy your quality of life if left untreated and...

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