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Loving Yourself Back To Health

November 3, 2018

 I often find myself wondering why my body rejects the love that I give to it. I eat healthy, nourishing foods and avoid refined-sugar and processed goods. I gave up the cake and the cookies, the cheese and the bread. I spend all my money on education, supplements and organic products, including over-priced shampoo and conditioner with no harsh chemicals. I let my long, fake nails grow out so that I could lessen my chemical intake and I stopped using my favourite makeup brands because of their toxic ingredients. I chose to stop using pharmaceuticals and synthetic drugs and started using expensive natural treatments to aide my body in proper healing. I did this all in the name of better health. So why, after all these sacrifices does my body still reject the love that I provide it?


The relationship between me and my body wasn’t always about love and nourishment. They always say, you don’t value health until you experience sickness and that was exactly what happened. I spoke to myself with some of the meanest words you could imagine, I binged on foods that only made me feel better, temporarily. I manipulated and made myself feel guilty every time I ate, spoke or cried. I ignored my body’s cry for help and so today, I sit here and I realize why my body rejects the love that I give to it.


Think about it, if someone treated you the way you treated your body for all those years, would you forgive them? Would you accept them back into your life when they beg for you to love them again? The relationship between you and your body is the most important and spiritual connection you will ever experience. So the next time your body aches, breaks out, or lashes back at you, remember the hurt you put it through and forgive yourself.


As I take my makeup off at the end of the day, I look at myself in the mirror. The problem is, I don’t really look at myself. I am too busy thinking about all the things I have to accomplish in the week to come. I think about the fact that I avoided going to gym yet again, and left my clothes all over my bed, meaning it would be at least another twenty minutes before I could get to sleep. I think about the laundry I didn’t get to, the work I should have done and when the credit card bill is due. The problem is I forget to really see myself. I forget to thank myself for allowing me the energy to get through each day. I forget to notice that my face without makeup, though red and sometimes splotchy, is a beautiful thing. I forget to appreciate the fact that my body is capable of the most miraculous things you could think of. I forget to stop and breathe and look at myself with admiration. We lead such busy lives filled with responsibilities, priorities and opportunities, that sometimes we forget to acknowledge the very thing that’s gets us through the day, our bodies.


Loving Your Body Even When it Doesn’t Seem to Love You Back


Think before you think: Stop thinking about all the things you should and would change about yourself. When you start to think of the things you dislike about your body, stop yourself. Change your thoughts.


Forgive your past mistakes: Maybe you used to smoke, or cheat, or lie. Maybe you used to look at yourself with disgust. Maybe you used to wish you were somebody else. Forgive yourself for the hurt that you caused your body, whether physically or mentally. You cannot move on unless you first forgive.


Stop breaking promises: When you promise to love yourself through thick and thin, you must honor that promise. When you promise to do everything you can to heal your body, you must keep that promise.


Make YOU the priority: Stop putting everything and everyone ahead of yourself. The laundry can wait. (even if that means you wear the same bra two days in a row… who doesn’t?)


Change your energy: Stop asking yourself, “why is my body doing this to me?” and start asking, “what is my body trying to tell me?” Once you do this, everything changes.


Learning to love yourself can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Even harder though, is letting your body love you back. Whether you are suffering from a chronic illness, a hormonal imbalance, gut health issues, relationship problems, weight issues or just day to day life challenges, discovering the love between you and your body is the most important thing you can do with your life. Be kind to yourself. Everything that has happened in your life has led you this moment.


Thank you for reading,





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