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How Many Hypothyroid Symptoms Do You Have?

I have compiled the ultimate list of hypothyroid symptoms, collected from endocrinology journals, textbooks, articles and clinical resources so that you have a clearer understanding of how many hypothyroid symptoms you may be dealing with. Please keep in mind that some of these symptoms could be related to autoimmune thyroid disease, or other chronic health conditions as well, and this in no way replaces any medical advice you are receiving. A proper thyroid diagnosis comes from understanding symptoms and testing blood markers (TSH, T4 and T3).

From the list below, if you have…

0 - 5 symptoms - you probably do not have any current thyroid concerns, but it can’t hurt to ask for a blood test if you are still concerned. If you are currently on thyroid medication, you can probably make supplement or diet changes to help reduce the few symptoms you are experiencing.

6 - 10 symptoms - you could possibly be dealing with hypothyroidism, or an undiagnosable, under active thyroid (meaning your thyroid isn’t functioning optimally, but blood results are still within range). I suggest making adequate diet changes, and testing thyroid hormone levels, T3 and T4, in addition to the TSH marker. If you are currently taking thyroid medication and still have 6-10 symptoms from this list, consider a medication increase or change, diet, and lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms.

11 - 30 symptoms - You should definitely see a doctor (I suggest naturopathic or functional for better results) to discuss the possibility of hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease. This many symptoms indicates a loss in quality of life and suggests the possibility of an under active thyroid. If you are currently taking thyroid medication, please consider a dose or a medication change, in addition to diet and lifestyle changes.

The Ultimate List of Hypothyroid Symptoms

1. Fatigue (exhaustion unrelated to a lack of sleep)

2. Cold sensitivity

3. Constipation

4. Dry skin

5. Weight gain (without changing dietary habits)

6. Puffy face

7. Hoarse voice (deeper voice than usual, cracks in the voice)

8. Muscle weakness

9. Muscle pains (myalgia)

10. Joint swelling

11. Irregular menstrual periods (or other hormonal changes)

12. Hair loss

13. Depression

14. Brain fog

15. Thyroid goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)

16. slow heart rate

17. brittle nails

18. Heat sensitivity

19. Cold/night sweats (also common in hyperthyroidism)

20. Infertility (common in all thyroid disease)

21. Anxiety (common in hyperthyroidism)

22. Decreased libido

23. Sleep troubles (insomnia)

24. Slow reflexes

25. Clumsiness

26. Cold skin

27. Excessive sweating (also common in hyperthyroidism)

28. Fluid retention (ankles and fingers)

29. Paleness (unusual skin colouration)

30. Over emotional (irritable, on edge, sensitive)

Please note that while any symptoms of thyroid disease are less than ideal, some are far more common than others. If you are suffering from only a few symptoms but they are all very common in hypothyroid cases, it is still beneficial to speak with a trusted physician about the possibility of hypothyroidism. The sooner you know, the easier it will be to treat. If you suspect thyroid issues, even without blood markers to support that idea, please send me a message and we can chat about non-medical changes you can make right now to help with thyroid-related symptoms.

So, how many symptoms of hypothyroidism do you have?

Everything that has happened in your life has led you here, thanks for reading!


Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism, Victoria explores the reality of living with chronic illness through her blog, The Butterfly Effect. Victoria seeks to spread awareness of autoimmunity and writes to inspire chronically ill patients to live wholesome lives beyond their health struggles. You can also find more from Victoria by visiting her Facebook and Instagram

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