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The Butterfly Effect

Hi there, thanks for checking out, The Butterfly Effect.

My name is Victoria, and I have Hashimoto's disease. I created this page to share my experiences living and thriving with an autoimmune disease, as well as to educate on the complexities of chronic health, and the epidemic of autoimmunity in today’s world.

The motivation behind this blog is to create a better understanding of what it means to have an autoimmune disease, and how to deal with the symptoms and lifestyle changes involved. I am not a medical professional, however, I spend most of my free time researching and learning about the concepts that should be influenced in the medical world today. As an autoimmune patient, I have a greater understanding of what it means to be chronically ill, and how it feels to be constantly ignored and brushed off by our health-care system. There is a massive gap in education that should be focused on health and well-being. There are far too many people suffering from chronic illness, and the statistics prove it is only getting worse. This blog is about sharing my story, educating and creating an awareness of autoimmune health. Whether you are suffering from an autoimmune/chronic condition, or if you are interested in learning more about this epidemic, this page is for you.

Ultimately, this blog reflects my journey to healing. It is about waking up each day and making a choice to live a fulfilled life. It is about accepting your role as a chronically ill fighter, not a victim of disease. Together, we can learn how to live a life of abundance, wellness and health. Everything that has happened in your life, has led you to this moment. Thank you for coming along this journey with me!


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